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Master of your Personal Ceremony

(Weddings, Baptisms, Initiations, Separations, Funerals,....)



Hi! My name is ALEL and I am an actor, singer and dancer. I am also Reikimaster in 3rd degree, Martial Artist, Yogi and freespirited, open minded human being!

I want to offer you something rare and special:  a personal ceremony for your wedding, baptism, funeral or any ritual you are in need of! 

Many people do not feel emotionally connected to a certain doctrine, church or convention any more. They feel there is more to sprituality than books and old rules, and they would love to express their personal, honest and human believes during a social celebration or ritual but the possibilites to do so were limited.

Not any more!

If you are in need of somebody who can  lead a ceremony of YOUR believes, YOUR spiritual (or unspiritual) world and YOUR energetic vocabulary, then I am the Master of YOUR ceremony!

I will listen to you and your universe and adapt the ceremony accordingly. No matter, how crazy you think your credo sounds,. I will make it believable, clear and honest!

Why can I do that?

Because, this is what I have been doing all my life as an actor and performing artist: stripping away the ego of my own believes and immersing completely in the universe of  my characters is and was my credo of good art.  I usually don´t play, I become the story., only then can I touch my audience with honest emotions....Plus: As a humanistically educated child and teenager (I grew up with 3 languages, studied latin and greek in highschool, kept learning from life) and omnispirtual human being -brought up in an open minded christian family, with catholic father, protestant mother, jewish grandmother, and buddhist friend of the family- I started of with a broad spiritual horizone! My studies in martial arts, yoga, reiki and the concept of reincarnataion however influenced and  opened up my spiritual world to such an extent, that I can now say with all conviction: I feel divinity in every aspect of life, and therefor can give space to any liferespecting religion or belief.

My stage name: ALEL (originally  a fusion of my old german name ALbert and my second, biblical name EmanuEL) also became my spiritual name, with the syllable of AL for the divine and EL for life. Many cultures would see it in the exact opposite way, and that`s ok too, because the outcome is the same)!   ALEL stands for divinity in life: not the separation but the fusion of the spirtual and the physical worlds in the path of the universal human being. 

Maybe however you are a person, who really does not believe in much, who just sees him/herself as human being in life. Wonderful, then I can talk about exactly that: Life, the laws of physics, friendship and being human,.... and that need not be boring or slow, it can have elements of an entertaining speech, with jokes and anecdotes, even if your partner is the exact opposite of you and shall have his/her share of his/her world in the other part of the ceremony!

What can I offer you?

  • Written Concept of YOUR Ceremony, after I interviewed you and all beings that are connected to your ceremony... until you are happy!
  • Performance of  YOUR Ceremony in a location of YOUR choosing, as Master of your Ceremony
  • Song and Dance during YOUR ceremony if required (you can choose music and songs out of your favourites or out of my repertoir: I work with highquality playback cds/wave files or one live musician)
  • Ceremonies in the form of old spiritual ways and nature-religions. Specialities: celtic year circle, handfastings and initiations.
  • Interactive Rituals with your friends and family: As a trained MC I am very used to let the crowd participate in my performance. Many ceremonies become emotional and powerful if the good vibes and wishes of the people you love are actively woven into them, but this is for you to decide, wether you want it.
  • Mime performance of props which are hard to organize: As a trained pantomime I can „bring“ you any ritual-prop that you want (a giant bowl of light, a waterfall, desert sand, wind,, fire, the sun, the moon, the stars). Depending on your fantasy-skills I can make the illusion stronger by combining the mime performance to prerecorded sounds of nature (waterfall, wind, fire,...) and if so wanted also with light-effects.
  • CERMONY in DUO with a beautiful equally trained and skilled FEMALE MC 
  • PARTNER: if you wish to have both energies (man and woman) present!
  • Party MC with games and animations later on at your party....
  • Coordination with your staff (for example: caterers, location, technicians...)



What can I NOT offer you directly ?  *(but can delegate most of it to my partners)

  • Full Wedding/Baptism/Funeral Management 
  • Locations (Castles, Caves, Gardens, Houses, Churches, Temples...) 
  • Special Props/Decorations( Statues, Waterbowls, Altars, Stages, artificial lakes, doves,....)
  • Catering
  • Filmdocumentations* (partners!)
  • Small table/Room decorations* (partners)
  • Full Technical Equipment for Ceremony and Party * (partners!)
  • Big Combo Party Bands * (partners!)
  • DJs * (partners!)

What can I NOT offer you spirtually?

Rituals that involve life disrespecting actions or messages (sacrifices of living beings, curses, black magic, political statements of discrimination...) 

We are all children of one wonderful universe, why should we turn against each other?

ALEL is a licensed Minister of the Universal Life Church, which believes in the equality of all liferespecting religions and spirtual believes on this planet.