22.1.15 WILOX MÜLLER "A MiddsummerSoxDream"

                 Presentation Collection 2015  Ulm Germany

    19.12.14 XMS Pig Cat Club Tschibo

    13.12.14 XMs Elf-walkact Meidling

    12.12.14 XMS Elf-walkact Weihnachtsmarkt Meidling

    4.12.14 Mime Francaise for Peugeot

    29.11.14 XMS Pig Cat Club for Sanatorium Gänserndorf

    27.11.14 DanceTumble-Choreography und Performance for

                  VAILANT  coproduction Eventbuehne

    17.11.14 Hosting Opening Fashion Store SCS

    29.10.14-13.11.14  Hawaii Seminar Holidays (Hula, Ukulele,

                          Lomi, Lua  Aloha-Alpenzirkus)

    2.10.14 PIG CAT CLUB

    20.9.14  10 years Arcade Meidling-Mall

    19.9.14  10 years Arcade Meidling-Mall and Meidling  

                   Melodien (Einkauf in Meidling)

    18.9.14 VIP Opening 10 years ARCADE Meidling-Mall

    16.9.14 Edelweiss Palais Liechtenstein Vienna

    7.9.14 City of Dreams MC Hofburg (Best of Vienna) Wien

    28.8.14 Squaredance SCALARIA St.Wolfgang

    22.8.14 Disco Inferno Wolkserdorf

    15.8.14 Emperor Couple& Page for Podersdorf

    14.8.14 Terrazza Event Gmunden (Pantomime)

    7.8.14 Partylite Burlesque Show und MC Wels

    2.8.14 Musical4you Afflenz

    1.8.14 Elivs&Marylynn Kavalierhaus Salzburg

    3.7.13 Wienerberger HANNOVER  Business Cabaret

    26.6.14 Le Petit Festival du Theatre Dubrovnik

    21.6.14 Comedy Waiters Sparkasse Feldkirch

    29.5.14 Pig Cat Club

    16.5.14 Orangerie Austrian Emperor WALK ACT


    15.4.14 EASTEREGG Parody Release (Partygaukler)

    5.4.14 Black&White Show Salzburg

    4.4.14 All Items Show Murauer Klagenfurt

    3.4.14 MARIANDL –Show Krems

    3.4.14: BBoy Show

    27.3.14: Mold Shoe-Show Krems

    25.3.14 Austrian Walk Acts in Austria Center:

    15.3.14: ALEL joins the CIRCUS PIKARD

    13.3.14  PIG CAT CLUB in ARENA BAR Vienna

    6.3.14: Walk Act/Fire Show in Salzburger Messe

    1.3..14 Meidling Carnevale:

    18.2.14 Disco Inferno on TV (W24):

    6.2.13 PIG CAT CLUB in ARENABAR new Cabaret by


    1.2.14 ARABIAN NIGHTS Pharmacy-Race Germany

    31.1.14 FLOWER POWER Cabaret:

    23.1.14  WILOX LIGHT-PAINTING-SHOW: „Sockolution“ in


    31.12.13 New Years Show Nele &ALEL  Casino Klein          

                   Walsertal Bregenz                                

                   (Starship productions)

    22.12.13  Dance Workshop at Waldklang Salzburg

    21.12.13 XMS Blues in Waldklang Salzburg (Alel & Walter


    20.12.13 XMS Show & Walking Acts for Plumming Company

                  Kindermann Stmk (eventbuehne)

    16.12.13 Training for MCs at Orangerie Schönbrunn

    13.12.13 Choreography for sexy XMS Duo-show Santa vs

                   Christkind (Wendy Night)

    7.12.13 XMS Meidling: Nele and ALEL as Xms Elves on

                  Meidlinger Hauptstrasse

    4.12.13 HZL Xms Partyshow at Gasthaus Renner in Nussdorf 1190 Wien

    1.12.13 XMS Blues: Alel sings with Walter Baco in St. Pölten

    30.11.13 XMS Meidling: Nele and Alel, as Xms Elves

                   Walking Acts on Meidlinger Hauptrstrasse

    26.11.13 Casting director for Eventbuehne Artist Casting

    21.11.13 AMADEUS, Best of Mozart and Falco, Alel as Falco

                    and MC (solis music)

    11.11.13 Acting Workshop for Orangerie Schönbrunn

    9.,10.11.13  Exhibition "Alles für den Gast" SteltWalking an

                        HandMagic Walk Act (eventbuehne)

    8.11.13 ShadowCompany "Haubolous"(eventbuehne)  in  

                 München for Videoshooting

    4.11.13 Jurymember at "Wiener Fest" Competition

                 (Panrussian-Viennn Collaboration)

    19.10.13 Golden Mime for Q19 Döbling

    12.10.13 MusicalShowcase for TTM in Passail Styria

    12.10.13 Chicago-Dance Walkact and Show for Kare SCS

    8.10.13 Fight Stunt for "Soko Donau" with Nora Summer....

    3.,4.10.13 Oktoberfest reloaded in Krems, Partygauklershow,

                   animation, stelt lederhosen walk acts, MC and DJ....

    28.9.13 Franz Joseph&Sissy Walk Act at Hofburg Vienna

    27.9.13 Lederhosn and Dirndl Walkact at Hotel-Hilton Vienna

    21.9.13 Tanz -Mode-Meidling Alel coproducing 5hours

                 fashionwalk acts& dance shows for Einkauf in

                 Meidling (art dir. Jasmin flambigel)

    15.9.13 steltwalkact-venetian at indian matrimony in scalaria    

                 hotel st.wolfgang

    14.9.13 Steltwalkact-waiter at indian matrimony in redbull

                 hangar salzburg

    13.9.13 Almdudler ball, Bandltanz goes Burlesque

                 (choreo&dance by alel)

    31.8.13  Shoefashion Show "Mold" ALEL hosting and

                   performing with Gen M in Gföhl

    29.8.13 Kirchdorf Zementshow: 125 years anniversary

                 Showhistory and openair grandfinale (breakdance,

                 aereal, drumdancers fireshow), choregraphy & co

                 production  ALEL/eventbuehne

    25.8.13 Generation M/Disco Inferno in Stadtfest Schwechat

    22.8.13 Robotdance/Beatbox Show for Conova in Guwe


    17.8.13  Therme Gastein Summerparty: Nele & Alel  Song&

                  Dance Walk Act and dancing, singing and hosting

                  Variety Showcase as Showfinale

    16.8.13 Orangerie Franz Joseph und Sissy Walk Act

    14.8.13  Live Your Dreams: Worldpremiere Musical in

                 Pottendorf by Jürgen Solis Alel as Firedemon& Guru

    6.-9.8.13: Eventbühne/Alel Creative productions

                    Klausur/retreat Attersee

    3.8.13 Funny Waiters Salzburg

    2.8.13 Fireshow Gaflenz für Sportnachwuchs

    20.7.13 Elvis Walk Act in Hollywood-Birthday Kavalliershaus


    13.7.13 Black&White Show (mime&showdance)

                 Kavaliershaus Salzburg

    4.7.13 Flames of Fantasy (Street Art Fire Art) Kloppeiner See Kärnten

    2.7.13 Wolferl &Nannerl Mozart Walk Act f Orangerie

              (&Coaching WalkActs Orangerie Summer 2013)

    30.6.13 Fireshow BZÖ Kolosseum 21

    26.6.13 Semperit "Worldglove of Performing Arts" Krems a. d. Donau

    18.6.13-22.6.13 Kundalini, Tantra, Reiki OpenWorkshops

                              Toskana Yabyum (Alel with Kundalel)

    8.6.13 Jö Schau: Austro Pop Performance PlusCity Linz

    7.6.13 Walk Act Franz Josef Orangerie Schnönbrunn

              (&Coaching Walk Acts Summer 2013)

    6.6.13 Carousel Jubiläum ALEL special feature

    5.6.13  Video SHOOT  Nazaar, Simsalabim 2

    3.6.13 Tenzel´s got Talent: Alel in Jury Lenzing Scalaria


    10.5.13 Best of Musicals Rohrbach OÖ

    29.4.13 PhonomimPerfromance "NÖ Werbung"

    27.4.13 Partygaukler in Rohrbach Steiermakr

    24.4.13 Sandperfromance "Wiener Linien"

    13.4.13  SOCKARET "Müller" Cirque Nouveaux Präsentation der Kollektion 2013


    Die Partygaukler in Disco-Club TANZWERK WEITRA with their Animation-Showcase "Back in Geil-Time"  featuring Austrian Hit PARODY "Oida Samma Geil"

    4.2.13/ 5.2.13 SOS -COMIX

    SOS COMIX Tamsweg: Jonas Kaegi, Marie Therese Lind, Walter Baco und ALEL in the Slapstick Classics of Carousel-Theater

    25.1.13  Ärzteball ShowCase

    Alel and TTM feature a bombastic Showstopper-Show-CASE:  A CHORUS LINE  and  ROCKY HORROR SHOW Live!!

    31.12.12 Donauturm Silvester

    Nele & Alel entertain with Strauss; Musical and Doris Day and read palms as Mr. Mrs "Fortuna"! At the NewYears Gala Dinner in Viennas highest Tower the "DONAUTURM"

    22.12.12 Musical Affair & Live Your Dreams

    Jürgen Solis contracts ALEL for "Frank n Furter" and "The Black Demon" at Energy-Healing-Kongress

    12.12.12 Xms-Party "HZL-NUSSDORF"

    Alel performs at the Company-Party of his Father with a beautiful version of "Oh holy night" in Austrian Translation

    6.12.12 Gala Diner Salzburg

    Eventbühne and ALEL produce a wonderful Dinnershow:SteltFire Show (Francis Beacon Schandl, Christopher Muhr) Black&White; Ascot Medley (Choreography: ALEL Dancers: Julia Melcher, Mary Scherzinger) plus live Dj andParty             Fotos at: www.eventbuehne.at

    4.12.12 Crossover Xms ALEL creative productions:

    Alel invited artists and friends of many Genres for a beautiful Xms Get Together: guest performances by Zoli Lakatos (Streetlife Supreme Breakdance); Mario Lackner (Author of "Asta im Winterwald" reading and performance); Elvira Maria Kalev (Jazz Standrads), Martin Live Sax & Alel

    2.12.12 AKUNSTARENA Xms Party:

    Alel dances and sings Mantras and Earthsongs with young members of AKUNSTARENA

    1.12.12 Xms Blues: Opening "Chtistkindlmarkt" St.Pölten

    Walter Baco and Alel perform at a wonderful Christmas-CrossOver Concert

    24.11.12 ASCOT-Extravaganza MAGNA RACINO

    Eventbuhene and ALEL produce a full entertainment evening with Walk Acts, Flash-Acts, Musical& Dance Shows, Live Song-Showacts and Partydj for a Company Party-Gathering. www.eventbuehne.at

    8.11.12 UV-Bodypaint Dance

    Choreography& Dance:   Julia Melcher & ALEL
    Bodypaint Artist: World Champion Birgit Mörtel
    at Pyramide Mödling MakeUp-Messe







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