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Alels acting education was profound even though he only attended a Musical-Theatre Academy: (Diploma 2001), He thus kept on with his training, with open theatre goups in Vienna, London and New York, his acting technique involves: Austrian Speech-Drama after Max-Rainhard: Theatre-Improv after Keith Jonstone,.. The Method by Stanislawsky...... Classical and Contemporary Mime. Alel is training his acting skills daily with a special Yoga-Method that he created specifically for The Performer called KUNDALEL®Yoga.


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Alel has played the following character roles:

            "Puck" in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by W.Shakespeare (Musicalsommer Bruck 2001)

            "Leading Player" in Pippin by Steven Schwartz (Wiener Raimundtheater 2001)

            "Frank`n Furter" (Rocky Horror Show)

            "Death" (Elisabeth), in the Musical's European Tour (2005/06):

         "Die Nacht der Musicals"

         “Action” in Westside Story (Stadtheater Baden 2010), Jedermann in “Jedermann in Wien” and “Bärenjoseph” in “die Geyerwally” in an old summerstock-theatre in Vienna (2011/12).

and 8 archetypical characters in his own interactive Solo-musical-program, including:

ALEL..... .the narrator and mc innocent infant

Pyrion......a horny adolescent

Kalinka.....a funny middle-aged Jewish matchmaker

Darco......a desperate lover old, happy whore himself

Albert's acting training includes:
German/Austrian classical speech + drama (Max Reinhardt school); commedia dell`arte,
Keith Jonstone School of Improvisation and Maskwork, and a basis in the Stanislawsky and Uta Hagen Method. His specialties are narrators and MC's who sing, dance, act and interact with cast and audience. For film, Alel is well-suited to the "bad guy"- and "crazy side kick" - roles. Because of his martial arts (kung fu, tae kwon do, capoeira) and acrobatic background, A. is extremely well-suited for the action genre.