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ALEL is a MC of the special kind. He combines hosting with dance, mime and song. A very special mix of poetry and entertainment, that will turn your event into something magical and extraordinary. He is a charming host with a naughty sence of humor and a seductive swing of his hips. He will deliver your message in his incomparable way and make sure it glows in poetry and entertainment. He announces, interviews, leads to the next topic and performs, if so wanted even a number or two out of his big burlesque-variety repertoire. He will bring the breeze of extravaganza to your event and an unforgetable evening to your guests as a Master of Ceremony, your ceremony!




Alels special skills are:


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Languages: German, English, Spanish fluently Hungarian ( dialogue) Russian, Serbian, Turkish (rudimentary)

High School Background: Humanistic, studied Latin and Ancient Greek

2001 State Diploma in: Musical Theatre (Acting, Singing, Dancing)

Director/Choreographer: Alel directs and choreographs as a freelancer since 2002 for theatre, film and events working both for cultural institutes (State Opera Vienna, Wiener Musikverein; Vienna Philharmonic Ensemble; Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul,...) and international companies (Panasonic, Wienerberger, Lenzing, Semperit, Müller,Airport Vienna,...)

Composer / Writer: Alel is producing music and musical theatre pieces since 2004 writing most of the melodies and all oft he lyrix himself....

Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt) ,Capoeira, Jiujitsu 2002 Basic Instructor Shinergy

Energy Works:  3rdGrade Reiki, Basic Practioner Lomi

Yoga: Ashtanga, Kundalini Tantra Yoga Alel created a special Yogastyle for the performer called KUNDALEL® yoga</>